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CONNECT has active Master Services Agreements with Fortune 500 companies, Systems Integrators, medium and small sized companies with which we do business. We have developed successful long term relationships with the hiring managers. We always speak directly with the hiring manager to get specific details about every position before we start recruiting for that position. When your resume is submitted for a specific job, you can be confident that you were selected, screened and prepped for a job that is an excellent fit for you. Your resume will go directly to the hiring manager. It will never sit in a pile on an HR person’s desk. You will usually know within 24-48 hours if the manager wants to speak with you. We have an 89% submit to interview ratio.

In addition to advertising on and sourcing from the major Job Boards, CONNECT has developed an exclusive database housing the best candidates. Not only can you apply to some of our hottest jobs, you can also submit your resume to our database. When we have a job that is highly matched with your skills, we will have one of our recruiter run it by you to see if you are interested.

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CONNECT has a very successful Referral Program. If you are happy in your current job, you can submit the resume of exceptional talent  that you know and get paid for every hour that person works when he/she gets placed.

CONNECT is an Equal Opportunity Employer.